Vintage Car Wash - Best Car Wash in Dallas

We provide a variety of full service washes that clean your car inside and out or detail packages for a completely pampered car.

Wash Information

Extra cleaning charge for: mud, dirty birds, shoe polish, tree sap, tar, etc.

Vintage and Super Clean both include 3-day wash again FREE guarantee!


Detail Information

Our express detail services are designed to clean and protect. They are not intended for vehicles requiring restoration.

*Small SUVs and large vehicles require extra charges of:
Super Clean & Wax
Super Clean & Seats $20-40
Complete Interior
Full Detail

Wash Packages

  • Classic

    • Soft cloth wash
    • Seats, carpet, and mats vacuumed
    • Windows and mirrors cleaned
    • *$1 extra for small SUVs & large vehicles
  • Wheel Deal

      Classic plus...

    • 2-step wheel cleaner applied
    • 2 sets of high pressure wheel blasters
    • Hand applied tire shine
  • Vintage

      Wheel Deal plus...

    • Rain-X surface protectant
    • Car coaster fragrance
    • 3-day wash guarantee
  • Super Clean

      Vintage plus...
    • Blow out all vents and crevices with compressed air
    • Clean and condition dash, console, and doors
    • 3-day wash guarantee
    • *$10-20 extra for small SUVs & large vehicles
  • Detail Packages

    • Super Clean & Wax

        Vintage plus...
      • Premium wax applied
      • Superior shine and paint protection
      • 3-day wash guarantee
    • Super Clean & Seats

        Vintage plus...
      • Clean leather with saddle soap
      • Condition with leather cream
      • OR
      • Shampoo all cloth seats - front and rear
      • 3-day wash guarantee
    • Complete Interior

        Super Clean plus...
      • Hard surfaces cleaned and conditioned
      • Seat treatment - leather or cloth
      • Carpet shampoo - carpet/rubber mats cleaned
    • Full Detail

        Complete Interior & Super Clean plus...
      • Premium wax applied for superior shine and protection